Proudly Made in the USA

We can state unequivocally that we manufacture as many of our own products as we possibly can, which at last count, was about 75% of all our products.

We design and formulate our protective coating systems – primers, base coats, & top coats.

We buy the raw materials. We blend them to perfection.

We package them. We ship them.

And we back them, because we know we made them.

Phoenix Protective Coatings. No bullshit. Just awesome.


The Jeep we coated for the 2022 SEMA event is STILL looking fantastic!

Check out the pics from that year — see you out there next time!


You want the highest quality protection for your vehicle. We’ve got what you want.


Sometimes we get to coat specialty items, like this monster offroad tactical vehicle. You might recognize it as being similar to Black Betty of TV fame — it was tough to begin with, and THEN we coated it!


We’ve been spraying bed liners since bed liners were a thing. We know what we’re talking about.

As seen on Motorhead Garage!

We were thrilled to be invited to Motorhead Garage, Season 10 Episode 34 to show off some of our favorite coatings!

Click here to watch the video snippet of the segment!

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We are proud to be an


Phoenix Protective Coatings™ was born from the fire of hard work, determination, and a fundamental desire to create a company with integrity. Rather than trying to falsely borrow authority by seeking to play on national pride, we consistently focus on being the type of company we would be loyal to — one that listens to its customers, provides technical knowledge where necessary, helps grow business for everyone, and at the end of the day simply makes great products.


We’ve got supplies. You know you need them. Need something specific you don’t see here? Give us a shout, we can probably get it.


Why spray just the bed of your vehicle when you can get the same protection for the entire thing? These happy customers did just that!

Spray On Bed Liner


Many companies claim they’ve got high performance bed liners. And most perform … well, at least adequately for a while. But is that really what you want? Personally, we don’t think so. We provide outstanding, nearly indestructible spray on bed liners and polyurethane truck protective coatings that are truly high performance. That means your spray liner will last longer, stand up to all you can throw at it, and keep coming for more. When other spray on protective coatings for trucks fizzle out, Phoenix protective coatings shine. As an industrial coating supplier, it’s our goal to get you the best spray liners in the business.

Shipping Pallet


Some jobs call for an added degree of protection. We create custom specs for these types of projects. Because one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. However, one company who is willing to work with you to guarantee you get exactly what you need is the right solution for any job.


We actually spray coatings. Lots of coatings. That means we know how high quality coating products should perform. Then we use that extensive knowledge to design and manufacture the highest quality protective coatings available. These are the coatings we use, and we’re sure you will too.


Phoenix proudly makes every bit of our protective coatings right here in the USA. And not just assembled here, but wholly made and manufactured here. From the first chemical components to the final bit of packaging, we use only American sources and labor for all of it. Guaranteed.

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The Makings of a Champion

It doesn’t matter where you start, you can always end up  in the winner’s circle with hard work, determination, and the right vision.

Check out this awesome transformation from ‘on its last legs’ to 1st place at the car show.



Extremely resistant to many of the common issues faced by vehicle owners.

Abrasion Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Impact Resistant


Extend the life of your vehicle with one application. Or boat, RV, ATV, trailer, tools, etc. 

Non-skid Texture
Permanently Bonds to Surface
Watertight Seal Prevents Rusting
Wide Range of Colors Available


Trucks & Auto Appcations


Military Vehicles

Fleet Vehicles

Boats & Marine

Offroad / ATVs


Waste Management

Trailers & RVs

Got a unique application?

Think you might need a protective coating for an unusual project? Give us a call — we can help you spray one thing, or many. We can also train your team, in case you want to start spraying lots and lots of…whatever it is. Either way, we can come to you to get your project rolling.

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