About the Company

As the name implies, Phoenix is a company reborn. We have loads of experience in protective coatings. We specialize in vehicle protection — bed liners, to be precise. However, our knowledge is not limited to just vehicles.

One key difference is that we actually spray coatings, unlike many other coatings manufacturers. We use our extensive hands-on experience to design and formulate the best products available. Since we know firsthand what works best, we are dedicated to creating pure and hybrid polyurea systems that outperform any others on the market.

Dedication to Learning

Everyone likes to learn new things, because it keeps us on the cutting edge of the industry. Our team is always on the lookout for new and better ways to accomplish our goals. It’s a never ending process.

And we’re dedicated to helping anyone else who is interested in learning the best methods for using our spray coatings as well. We can teach your team these methods by coming to your location and offering clinics / workshops to train you on your own equipment. Contact us any time to schedule on-site product demos and hands-on spray training.

Wanna Workshop?

Enter your details below. We’ll contact you when registration opens for our next business development workshop. They’re good stuff.

Need Real Training?

Enter your details below. Our 2 day intensive hands-on spray applicator training is the best in the business. Seriously, it rocks.

Dedication to Sharing

Another thing we’ve noticed over the years is that no one seems to want to share any information. We think this is important, because it improves the industry overall. Instead of keeping our knowledge to ourselves, we’re dedicated to sharing as much information as possible. Therefore, you can follow us on social media and our Vimeo channel to stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks we know. Also, feel free to shoot us questions any time — if we can help make something easier to understand, we won’t hesitate.

We are super social. Follow, like, share, connect, subscribe, and we’ll do the same.

Dedication to the Cause

Here at Phoenix, we’re all about supporting those who have given of themselves through service to their country. As a matter of fact, we donate a portion of every single bedliner we install to Rivers of Recovery, a national non-profit organization providing outdoor recreational rehabilitation programs to combat veterans. 

But it doesn’t stop there — if you have a charity you think is worthy, bring us your cause — we’ll donate $1 from every bedliner we install that month directly to the cause. Contact us any time for more information.

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