Albion® AT-1500 Spray Gun 

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Gun Assembly, 1500ML 

General Description:

The Albion® AT-1500 spray gun is the workhorse of our spray operations. We use it daily, and highly recommend it to anyone thinking of getting into the bed liner business. We love the solid, durable construction, the easy maintenance, and the consistent performance it provides our spray techs. It also has interchangeable frames for different cartridge types (A and B). Easily one of the best spray guns we’ve come across.

Spray Gun Assembly

Item #Part #Description
1957-1Upper Handle Assembly
31042-2Spray Adapter Assembly
4994-63/8″ Diameter Tubing
5138-2490° Elbow

Spray Kit Adapter Instructions

Changeover Method (if needed)

  1. Remove quick disconnect adapter and plug from regulator.
  2. Attach spray adapter kit and gauge (optional – included on 1042-2 kit) to regulator.

Spray Adapter Operating Instructions

  1. Attach 3/8″ diameter hose to spray adapter kit and to 90° elbow. Trim hose if too long.
  2. Attach 90° elbow to spray tip on static mixer.
  3. Before attaching compressed air to tool, make sure air adjustment knob on the spray adapter kit is set to the OFF position. The position of the knob should be perpendicular to the air line. Once the air line is attached and the cartridges are properly inserted into the carriage, the tool is ready for use. The spray adapter knob controls airflow to the static mixer. This flow can be adjusted by turning the knob.
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