Allegro® Full Face Masks – Parts Guide 

Part Numbers

9901 (Low Pressure) & 9902 (High Pressure) 



Full Mask Supplied Air Respirators (SAR) 

General Description:

This comfortable full mask offers low pressure continuous flow protection. It has a unique over-the-shoulder hose design and an adjustable belt, which holds the hose out of the way. It’s durable and easy to use and clean. One of our all-time faves.

KeyPart #Description
9901Full Mask SAR (LP)
9902Full Mask SAR (HP)
19900-09Alligator Clip Assembly
29900-15Key Ring & Metal Tab Assembly
39700-73BPlug (OBAC) (LP)
4RP1645 Point Head Band Suspension
69901-13Full Face Mask Skirt
79901-12Head Band Suspension Pin
89901-09RLens Retainer (Screw & Nut Inc.)
99901-09LReplacement Lens
109901-25Lens Peel-Offs (25 pkg)
119901-3BInhalation Valve
KeyPart #Description
129901-03AElbow Adapter Retainer
139901-11ABayonet Connector
149901-11BBayonet Connector Gasket
159901-11CBayonet Connector Cover
169901-08Exhalation Valve Cover
179901-07Exhalation Valve
189901-07AExhalation Valve Gasket
199901-07BExhalation Valve Housing
209901-04Full Face Elbow Adapter
219900-01NPlastic Tie Wrap
229900-73BBreathing Tube
239901-05Elbow Adapter Gasket
249901-14Suspension Buckle
KeyPart #Description
259901-06BSupport Bands
269901-06Spectacle Kit
279920-01ABreathing Tube Assembly (LP)
289900-02Waist Belt w/Clip
299901-10Full Face Mask Skirt Assembly
309902-01Breathing Tube Assembly (HP)
9901-20Fit Test Kit – QLFT (Not Shown)
9901-21Fit Test Kit – QNFT (Not Shown)
9920-01Breathing Tube Assembly w/ Waist Belt
(Includes #27 and #28 LP Only)

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