Allegro® Supplied Air Pumps 

Part Numbers

9806 (A300 Pump) & 9821 (A750 Pump) 



Portable one and two user pumps for supplied air 

General Description:

These pumps are designed to be very portable air sources for one and two respirator users. Typically used with Allegro full face respirators and masks, these provide constant flow breathable air (assuming you place them somewhere breathable air can be used). Relatively low noise, AC powered, and not recommended for use with a generator.

KeyPart #Description
9806A-300 Pump
9821A-750 Pump
19800-75Flag Connector
29800-76Ground Connector
39700-04Pressure Gauge
49800-02Exhaust Filter Element
69806AAPump & Motor Assembly (1/4 hp motor)
79700-07Inlet Filter
89000-25Hex Nipple
99700-79Pressure Relief Valve
109000-26Brass Tee
119700-10Exhaust Filter Assembly (w/filter)
129700-27Reducer (optional)
139700-03Pressure Relief Valve
149512-02Cord w/Switch
159800-68Machine Screw
KeyPart #Description
169700-06Rubber Feet (each)
179800-69Machine Screw
189800-64Nylon Lock Nut
199821-AAPump & Motor Assembly (3/4 hp motor)
209000-05Close Nipple Tube
219000-04Brass Tee
229700-01Inlet Filter Element
239700-08Inlet Filter Assembly (w/Filter)
249700-06Nipple Tube
259000-09Galvanized Cross
269000-07Chrome Hex Bushing
279700-09Exhaust Filter Assembly (w/Filter)
289700-05Carry Handle
299700-15CExhaust Filter Canister
319800-62Flat Washer
Universal Inlet Hose Kit
329700-60BReducer Nipple
KeyPart #Description
339700-66Universal Inlet Hose (50 ft) w/Cuff
9700-60CBushing for 9846-24 (not shown)
9000-27Adapter for 9806 (not shown)
Available For All Models
9700-11Pump Flushing Liquid (not shown)
9700-65Universal Inlet Hose Kit (complete)
Model A-300 Service Kit (not shown)
9700-40Service Kit includes: Vanes (set of 4) Filters, and Flushing Liquid
9700-41SVanes (set of 4)
Model A-750 (& A-750TE) Service Kit (not shown)
9700-50Service Kit includes: Vanes (set of 4) Filters, and Flushing Liquid
9700-51SVanes (set of 4)
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