Phoenix® protective coatings can be applied to nearly any surface. They create a permanent barrier to block corrosion, water damage, and rust. Include a non-skid/non-slip texture, and you’ll have an added level of safety and protection for your cargo, whatever it might be.

Also, contact us for customized specs for nearly any application. We’ll create an application system that works perfectly, and outlasts any competitive product. And, we’ll guarantee it — even on commercial applications, something no other company is willing to do. That’s how sure we are that we’ve got the best products and application methods on the market.

Truck / Automotive

The most common application is of course pickup truck bed liners. But really, there are many additional ways to use Phoenix protective coatings on your vehicle. Get years added to the life of your car or truck with our spray on coatings.


If you follow motorsports you know it’s one of the least forgiving ways to use a vehicle. For example, offroad rally cars take abuse on every stage. Phoenix liners can help protect the vulnerable parts of your vehicle like no other.

Military Vehicles

Military vehicles must perform in some of the most difficult terrain in rough environments. Added protection allows them to withstand the harshest conditions. Additionally, it helps to keep troops safer, as well as reducing maintenance time.

Fleet Vehicles

Over the course of time, daily use of fleet vehicles causes damage. And downtime for maintenance cuts down on profits. Reduce these costs by protecting your fleet with Phoenix protective coatings. You’ll save thousands in the long run.

Boats / Marine

Marine environments can be hard on boats. Constant sun and salt water can lead to premature aging of your water toys. Coat vital parts of your watercraft with Phoenix protective coatings to keep it looking and performing like new. 

Offroad / ATVs

Blazing your own trail is much easier when you don’t have to worry about beating up your ATV or offroad vehicle. Use Guardian™ to coat plastic fenders, steel undertrays, grills, and more to guard against scrapes, dings, and dents.


Infrastructure and construction equipment experience the highest degree of attrition. Increase the lifespan of your construction equipment with specialized applications of Guardian™. Our customized specs are guaranteed to last longer.

Waste Management

Phoenix protective coatings and linings make waste management cleaner. Sounds impossible, but it’s true. Dirt and grime can barely grab hold, and that makes cleaning up a breeze. Save time, resources, and ultimately, the environment.

Trailers & RVs

Protect your home away from home with Guardian™. Highly UV resistant, our coatings keep your RV looking sweet for years to come. Applied to trailers, our coatings protect from dings, scrapes, rust, and other damage like a champ.


Phoenix protective coatings can be used in many ways other than vehicles. They provide the same awesome protection, and extend the life of whatever they’re used to coat. For certain items, a spray application is the only viable option for added protection. This is when the low pressure, cartridge-based Guardian™ system can really shine. Fast application, quick return to service, and lifelong protection? Yes, please!

If you have a project you think could benefit from some added protective coatings, get in touch with us. Our products resist abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, impact, and other damage, and offer peace of mind.

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