Code Astrology Problems – Woo Product Table Plugin Broke Site

This (hopefully temporary) page has been created because Code Astrology’s plugin and custom development broke our site, and now their customer service is unable to accept uploads for simple screenshots on their site. Thus, I’ve had to go to a lot of trouble to show them some screenshots to prove the plugin is not functioning.

They’ve asked for various pictures, so here they are:

  1. The receipt for the custom development for the Woo Product Table Customization

The next one is a screenshot of the plugin screen, showing it’s unable to update via automatic updates. There is no manual way anyone has mentioned.

The next one is a screenshot of a location missing the product tables I have attached to many of our 1700+ products. Side note – these tables are all massive (ie many products), and were very tedious to create. These product tables are one of the main reasons we’re using the plugin in the first place, as they allow our users to quickly find and purchase replacement parts for many of our machine items. No idea why these don’t work — the shortcodes have not changed since we had the customization done, and they worked perfectly then.

The last one here below is a screenshot of the location where the customized automatic woo product table should appear. It should be grabbing info from an ACF field attached to any product, and if there’s values in that field, it should render a “What’s Included” table right below the add to cart button. This is also broken, and I’ve had to hand code the SKUs instead, obviously.

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