FAQ: Why to Purge Cartridges 

This is why it’s important to purge cartridges before spraying. Air trapped within the cartridges can cause defects in the final bed liner product. 


Easy, but critical

Time to Complete

2-3 minutes 

Tools Required

  • Cartridge A or B
  • Correct frame for either A or B
  • Spray gun
  • Throw away / test surface 

Purging Cartridges

Both types of cartridges must be purged of excess air before trying to spray them on the area you want to coat. In 99.9% of cartridge sets, there will be excess air, simply due to the filling process. This air must be removed (purged) before you begin spraying your finished product. Otherwise, when you get near the end of the cartridge, you will likely begin to spray off-ratio. This means more of one side than the other will come out, leading to defects in your finished product. Avoid this problem by proper purging techniques before you start.

Additional Notes:

  1. Type A cartridges will usually have more air in them in general versus Type B cartridges, and will require a bit more purging.
  2. Type B cartridges may have almost zero trapped air. However, they still must be purged before spraying to avoid serious issues with the final product.
  3. Off-ratio spraying can be difficult to spot while it’s happening. Typically you won’t know you’ve sprayed off-ratio right away. However, you’ll definitely know it during the curing process or not long after. Purging the air prior to spraying any cartridges will help you avoid this troublesome issue.
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