Application Gallery

Ever wondered what an awesome bed liner application should look like? Take a look at the finished products shown below to get a sense of the quality available with Phoenix protective coatings. 

Bed Liner Close-ups

These images all depict our Guardian™ cartridge-based bed liner system. Sprayed on a variety of metal substrates, Guardian offers the ultimate protection from scratches, dings, rust, and other environmental damage.

Accessories & Parts

Sometimes you need to coat something other than a truck bed for protection. We are constantly getting requests to coat accessories, interiors, parts, tools, furniture, and other items with our outstanding protective coatings. Here’s a few.

Metallics – Chroma/Clarion

These images all depict our metallic-infused coatings using Chroma or Clarion aliphatic cartridge-based bed liner system. The final products have a sparkle that can be difficult to capture in a still shot photo, so believe us when we say you’ll be amazed with the results. 

ATVs & Offroad

Just because your vehicle is made to go off road doesn’t mean it’s invulnerable. Get your truck/atv/mule/whatever coated with a Phoenix protective coating. The impervious spray-on coating stops scratches, dings, dents, and other typical offroad hazards. Then you’ll be much closer to bulletproof.

Construction Equipment & Emergency Vehicles

All construction and municipal vehicles go through maintenance cycles. You get the machinery, use it for some length of time, and then it’s time to repair it. It may only need a relatively simple re-paint job. So you take it out of service for a day or two (or 3) and get it fixed up, ready to go for another cycle (however long that ends up being). 

But what if instead of just repainting it, you coated it with a Phoenix protective coating? Not only would it have a longer in-use cycle, it would also be able to withstand more punishment from the job. Plus, we can coat at any thickness. And we can custom spec a protective coating based on your use that will outlast anything else on the market. Talk to us about our Warranty programs for construction, work, and fleet vehicles.

Flat Beds, Utility Bodies, and Vans

These are workhorses. They see heavy use by construction crews, farmers, lumber companies, plumbers, utility companies, welders, and many other heavy industries. They need added protection, and Phoenix provides that protection. We can custom spec an application system to meet the needs of any industry.

Truck Beds

And of course, we coat truck beds too. 

Specialty Applications

Sometimes we get to apply our high performance coatings to some crazy vehicles. Check out Black Betty — tough as nails, and then we coated it!

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