Increasing the Knowledge Base

When we started out, it used to take hours (and sometimes days) to find the information we needed. It didn’t matter if it was about a particular application, or tool, or preparation method — the information simply wasn’t easily available.

And oddly, it’s still that way — no one seems willing to share their hard won info. Which makes it really difficult for people looking to get into the business, or people who just want to see how something works. We want to change that.

Here you’ll find what we consider to be the best methods for all aspects of the job. Combined with tips & tricks, tutorials, and short explainer videos about everything we can think of, we’ve also got parts guides for our most popular tools and supplies.

So feel free to explore, learn, and ask us questions. We’ll do our best to answer any questions you might have. And we’ll continually update our site with new videos, guides, and any other helpful information we find or create.



These are our step by step instructions for various aspects of the bedliner application process.Typically they will have a video explanation as well as written instructions.

Video Snippets

We have a large collection of short explainer videos about all sorts of things. We often create these to answer FAQs, because a video is worth a thousand pictures.

Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks for saving money, time, and creating happy customers. These are things we wish we’d known early on. And these are not the same thing as cutting corners.

Parts Guides

These things are hard to track down, no joke. We’ve assembled these from the various manufacturers we use daily, and figured it’d be helpful for anyone else wanting to know more.

Technical Bulletins

We publish important info that can affect how you use our products, From time to time it’s a good practice to check out our tech bulletins to see if we’ve already discussed any issue you might face.



So yeah, who doesn’t like to hear people say good things about them? We do too. Check out some of these satisfied customers and what they had to say about Phoenix Liners.


Where do you go to get real training? Not just sitting in a classroom listening to a boring lecture about physical properties, but real, honest to goodness hands-on training you can use? Here. That’s where.


White Papers

Our white papers are more in depth explanations of the bed liner business and methodology. These are great for anyone starting out, or wanting to learn about something specific.

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