Phoenix Liners Training: Prep – Wire Tape

How to apply wire tape to the sides of bed and tailgate. 


Easy, but critical 

Time to Complete

10 – 20 minutes, depending upon skill of applicator

Tools Required

  • WireTrim tape (ProLine™, RedLine™, or TrueLine™)
  • Diagonal Wire Cutters
  • Patience 

Proper Preparation Techniques: Applying Wire Tape

It may seem pretty basic, but the difference between a good and a bad spray job can sometimes come down to the wire trim application skill. The steps are straightforward, and with practice become routine. However, making sure you double check your work is never a bad idea, either.

Steps for Installing Wire Tape:

  1. Make sure you clean any dust and debris from the area you’ll be applying the wire trim tape. Use a t-shirt cloth rag for best results.
  2. Apply wire tape to sides of truck bed. Keep tape as straight as possible, while following any articulations in the bed. Maintain a standard distance to ensure tolarances after spray is applied. Remember, the wire itself is at one edge of the tape, and should always be considered the inside of where you want to trim.
  3. Leave a slight bit extra at the bottom, and apply from bottom to top of truck bed side wall. Once you’re to the top, slip the tape under the side bedrail (if applicable), and leave a long enough tail to easily grab once you’re done spraying.
  4. Apply the wire trim tape to the edges of the tailgate, starting at the top of one side and working your way around to the other. Maintain a constant distance from the face of the tailgate.
  5. When going around the corners, you can score the wire trim tape for tight radii. This is what the manufacturer recommends. However, you can also apply pressure to a point near where you want the score line, and pull firmly with your leading hand to create the same effect. This does take some practice, so be ready to remove and try again till you’re good at it.
  6. Again, leave long tails on both ends of the wire tape which you can easily find once you’re ready to trim.
  7. Peel the backing off the tape, leaving only the thin wire and the tape itself.  Don’t remove any of the backing on the tail portions, as it’s much easier to see (and therefore grab) once you’re done spraying.
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