Polyurea Coating

We have designed all these products based on our experiences actually spraying every day. This means that we’re extremely confident in their capability to outperform anything else on the market today. From standard bedliner products for pickup trucks, vans, and utility body vehicles, to specialized polyurea and polyurethane coatings for more unique applications, we’ve got something for everyone.

Guardian™ Cartridge System

The new industry standard for cartridge-based bed liners. With outstanding physical properties and unrivaled protection, our Guardian bed liner systems outperform all other polyurea spray coatings on the market.

Bullet Liner 1™

Bullet Liner 1™ is exclusively available from Phoenix Liners, and is the only aftermarket bed liner material approved as OEM replacement by GMC, Ford, Ram, and other US auto makers.

Phoenix 007 Low Pressure logo

Phoenix 007™

Phoenix 007™ is one of the first of its kind to utilize renewable resources, making it comply with global green building regulations and practices. It’s a fast cure, multi-purpose low pressure or cartridge-applied system that competes with (and outperforms, btw) many traditional coating formulations.

Blackhawk™ - Pure Flexible Containment

Blackhawk™ - Pure Flexible Containment

Blackhawk™ is a fast cure, textured surface, purpose-built material designed for high impact applications such as pickup truck bed liners. It’s a two-component spray product designed for high pressure equipment, and works on virtually any well-prepared surface.

Stealth550™ - Pure Tactical Containment

Stealth 550™ - Pure Tactical Containment

Stealth 550™ is designed for harsh environments where high temperature, chemical, and/or abrasion resistance is needed. Its nearly instant cure allows for precision application in a wide variety of otherwise challenging scenarios.

Ultra 71™ logo

Ultra 71™ - 100% Pure Protection

Ultra 71™ is the flagship of our Pure Polyurea line of protective coatings. Its instantaneous reactivity and one-to-one ratio make it an excellent choice for high performance, industrial applications, with physical properties unmatched in the protective coatings industry.

Guardian™ High Pressure

Guardian™ HP is a high pressure applied coating with similar physical properties to our cartridge-based system. This product is perfect for applicators who already have a high pressure spray rig and don’t want to switch to cartridges.

Phoenix 2021 High Pressure logo

Phoenix 2021™ High Pressure

Phoenix 2021™ is a two-component, hybrid polyurea elastomer spray system designed specifically to be less sensitive to high humidity and moisture in the air or substrate, while retaining all the physical properties required for chemical & water resistance. Applied with high pressure spray system.

Clarion™ Aliphatic Cartridges

Clarion™ is a color stable system that won’t fade or change color when exposed to harsh UV light (sunlight). When you need to match a color and have it stay for the long term, Clarion is the right choice.

Chroma™ Aliphatic Top Coat

Chroma™ is a UV stable top coat with excellent abrasion resistance. It can be used to provide additional layers of protection against weathering and fading. Additionally, it can be applied by brush, roller, or squeegee.

Vulcan 42 - Steadfast Color Coating logo

Vulcan 42™ - Steadfast Color Coating

Vulcan 42™ is a fast setting, rapid curing, 100% solids, flexible, aliphatic, two component spray polyurea with excellent color retention that can be applied to suitably prepared interior concrete and metal surfaces.

Guardian Grip™ Cartridge System

Guardian Grip™ is a softer, grippier bed liner, available only from Phoenix Protective Coatings. Increased traction and non-slip qualities make this the perfect choice for many fleet vehicles, ATVs, and marine applications.

Aquelixir™ Waterborne Urethane

Aquelixir™ Waterborne Urethane is a nearly bulletproof aliphatic coating that can be applied to virtually any substrate. It provides unbeatable protection, and can even be used as an anti-graffiti option. Try it today!

Chroma™ Metallic Top Coat

Our Chroma™ Metallic Top Coat is a unique polyurea coating system that can be applied as an additional layer of protection for any of our other coatings. With a metallic flake added in, it shines like diamonds.

Industrial Coatings

These industrial polyurea coatings are best-in-class options for industrial applications. We’ve used these products for years with massive success in all types of conditions.

SL/75™ and SL/90™ are what the professionals use for filling concrete control & construction joints in large warehouses, parking decks, roadways, restaurants, and more. Talk to us about common (and not-so-common) installation possibilities.

FE-100® is a manhole / sewer coating that will save time and money, and is widely used by municipal & state governments to protect infrastructure.

SL/75 logo

SL/75™ Joint Fill System

VersaFlex® SL/75™ is the industry standard for polyurea joint fillers. Used in industrial applications around the world, SL/75 is recommended for repair of cracks, damaged control joints, or any new construction where time and temperature are serious concerns.

SL/90 logo

SL/90™ Joint Sealant

VersaFlex® SL/90™ is a polyurea joint fill formulation to be used where heavy, hard-wheeled traffic is common. Wtih a low-range adhesion strength similar to epoxy, SL/90 is an ideal alternative when a long lasting solution with a quick return to service is required.

FE-100 logo

FE-100™ Sanitary System

VersaFlex® FE-100™ is a two component bisphenol A epoxy system. FE-100 is designed as a coating/liner for concrete pipe, manholes, and secondary containment systems, and provides excellent resistance to common waste water contaminants.

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