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Bullet Liner 1™ is a Gen II polyurea hybrid spray on elastomer formulation which has low sensitivity to high humidity and moisture in the air or substrate. Bullet Liner 1 provides a flexible but extremely tough monolithic membrane. Exclusive to Bullet Liner dealers worldwide, this flagship formulation has unmatched spray ability and a fine grit, uniform finish.

Designed for automotive applications such as pickup truck bed liners, trailers, military applications and service/fleet vehicles, Bullet Liner 1 provides a fast cure, textured surface suitable for a wide range of activity. It exhibits excellent adhesion to most materials and is capable of being a protective-abrasive-impact liner for cementitious, wood, and/or metal surfaces. This Gen II renewable chemistry has excellent chemical and moisture resistance.

Jeep sprayed with Bullet Liner

Tensile Strength, psi


Tensile Elongation, min

Tear Test, pli, minimum

Shore A Hardness

Gel Time, seconds

Cure Time, Hours

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