Clarion Aliphatic Cartridge System

Clarion Color Stable

Clarion™ is a color stable aliphatic system, meaning it will hold its color even under the most extreme conditions. Many protective coatings begin to lose their luster and fade when exposed to high amounts of UV light. Some common examples would be hot summer sun in the south, or high altitudes where the air is thinner and UV rays are more intense. Because Clarion is an aliphatic system, it maintains its vibrant color even in these types of conditions.

If you’ve ever tried to color match a coating for an application, you’ll know how frustrating it is when the color begins to fade out. Especially if the color is specific to a company, school, sports team, or brand, maintaining the correct color is vital. For these situations, Clarion is the perfect choice.

We also perform custom color matching, if needed.

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