Guardian Cartridge System

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We created Guardian™ protective coating systems based on years of experience using low pressure cartridge application products. During that time, we came to understand exactly what worked, and what didn’t. Therefore, when we were developing the Guardian system, we considered all the aspects of the application process. And then, we designed this performance modified hybrid polyurea to meet our exacting criteria.

For the spray professional, there is no better solution. Less overspray, better adhesion, and quicker cure times equal more jobs completed each day. Fewer issues down the line means consistently happier customers, and that equals success.

For the end user, the person who just wants outstanding protection for their vehicle? The answer is the same — Guardian™ from Phoenix Liners.

Tensile Strength, psi


Tensile Elongation

Tear Test, lb/in

Shore D Hardness

Gel Time, seconds

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