Guardian High Pressure

Guardian™ High Pressure

The Guardian™ High Pressure system was developed for applicators who spray with high pressure spray rigs. Many industrial contractors asked us how they could get a system with the same protection and ease of application as our cartridge-based Guardian bed liner. Therefore, we developed a product to meet their needs. Guardian™ High Pressure, or HP, is that system.

The differences between Guardian™ and Guardian™ HP only really matter if you’re a chemist, and like nerdy chemistry problems. Quicker reactivity of isocyanates, highly pressurized mix chambers, viscosity of amines…you know, nerdy stuff. However, for most people, the important thing is the end product. And while the tools used are slightly different, the result is the same — outstanding protection for your assets.

If you’re a contractor/applicator who is interested in using the best high pressure products available, give us a call.

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