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All-purpose Protection

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Omni UV™ is an all-purpose, 100% solids spray applied elastomeric protective coating formulated with UV resistant materials, providing enhanced long-term color stability. Omni UV offers a highly versatile balance of physical and mechanical properties including flexibility, impact strength, and abrasion resistance. Omni UV is a urethane hybrid system that contains zero VOCs and exhibits excellent adhesion to wood, metal, and concrete substrates.

Omni UV’s Unique Properties

Moisture Sensitivity Reduction: Omni UV uses polyurea-urethane hybrid chemistry. Polyurea chemistry reduces moisture blowing during cure; this means better performance and long-term wear properties.

High Physical Properties: Omni UV produces a tough membrane with excellent low temperature flexibility and high tensile strength. Substrates coated with these systems have excellent chemical resistance and abrasion properties.

Easy Application: Use of polyurea chemistry allows Omni UV to be applied in lower ambient temperatures and higher relative humidity conditions than other urethane coatings. These systems can be applied in ambient temperatures down to 45° F and in relative humidity up to 85% without adverse environmental effects.

VOC Free: 100% solid and fast cure produces a high build membrane in seconds. Omni UV has over 25+ years of proven field performance as the ultimate maintenance coating.

Omni UV™ All-purpose Protection

Omni UV™ Color Retention

Omni UV™ offers improved color retention and protection from the sun utilizing the highest grade of pigments and additives. In addition, the ultra-violet protectants in the system improves color retention by protecting the polymer resin from both UV light and harmful oxidation; it extends color retention of the finished product up to (3) three times as long as current industrial standards (refer to graph below). It has less potential to chalk on the surface of the finished product thus increasing the aesthetic desired by end customers.

Omni UV Graph showing color retention


Tensile Strength, psi, minimum


Tensile Elongation, min

Tear Test, pli, minimum

Shore D Hardness

Gel Time, seconds

Dry to Touch, seconds

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