Phantom 3.80

Premium Protective Coating System

Phantom 3.80

Phantom 3.80™ is designed for sprayers and shops that would like a finer texture with a 5-8 second gel time. UV additives, high polyurea content, and more than double the industry standard pigment load sets this product apart. This product is designed with the end-use customer as well as the sprayer in mind. The simplicity and consistency with which this product is sprayed
will allow the sprayer to spray with confidence each and every time. Phantom 3.8 adheres well to properly prepared concrete, steel, aluminum, wood, composites, and many other substrates.

Phantom 3™ offers a versatile solution for protective coatings, featuring a unique two-component formulation that combines the flexibility of polyurea elastomer with a high poly content. Its resilience against high humidity and moisture makes it ideal for environments where traditional coatings may struggle, while its ability to withstand water and chemicals ensures long-lasting durability. Whether applied in warm or cold climates, Phantom 3™ delivers a seamless, tough membrane that provides reliable protection against various elements. Additionally, its rich black finish, achieved through maximum pigment load, not only enhances aesthetics but also indicates high quality thorough coverage and uniformity, making it a preferred choice for projects requiring both functionality and visual appeal.

Designed for a variety of applications, Phantom 3™ stands out as an optimal coating solution for diverse needs. From industrial settings where resilience against harsh conditions is critical to architectural projects where aesthetic considerations are key, this spray system offers a versatile solution.

Phantom 3 comes as a 109 gallon kit, with these benefits:

  •  Maximize your shipping dollar
  • More trucks per set
  • Evening your 1:1 spray ratio by having more equivalent A & B



Phantom 3 is resistant to several chemicals, however we recommend that you clean any extraneous chemicals from the bed within 1 hour of exposure.  Please contact Phoenix Protective Coatings with any questions.

Tensile Strength, psi


Tensile Elongation

Tear Strength, lb/in

Shore D Hardness

Gel Time seconds

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