Phoenix 2021 High Pressure

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The Phoenix 2021™ High Pressure system was developed to deal with a common issue — namely, excess moisture & humidity. It is a two-component, hybrid polyurea elastomer spray system which is less sensitive to high humidity and moisture in the air or substrate. 

There are many possible applications, a few of which could be things like tank linings, primary and secondary containment, manufacture of artificial rocks, boulders, and landscapes, and industrial floor coatings. 

This product provides a flexible, but extremely tough monolithic membrane with excellent water and chemical resistance. And it can even be sprayed in cold climates. Phoenix 2021 High Pressure is hard to beat, no matter what your application.

Phoenix 2021 High Pressure Coating

Tensile Strength, psi


Tensile Elongation

Tear Test, lb/in

Shore A Hardness

Gel Time, seconds

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