Iron Oxide Epoxy Primer

PHX 63 Red Iron Oxide Primer

PHX 63 RED™ Iron Oxide Epoxy Primer is a low VOC, two-component corrosion and chemical resistant coating that provides excellent protection on steel and concrete surfaces. PHX 63™ Primer / Intermediate / Finish provides protection from a variety of aggressive chemical and industrial atmospheres which cause typical coatings to fail. The epoxy resin contributes chemical, solvent, and water resistance. The activator resin increases surface wetting and adhesion, pot life, flexibility, and toughness.

PHX 63 is recommended for all oil production rigs and platforms, marine vessels and structures, ship building yards, chemical refineries, and industrial equipment subjected to aggressive compounds. For long term aesthetic appearance, coat with a polyurethane.

PHX 63 RED Iron Oxide Epoxy Primer

Mix Ratio

Dry Film Thickness, mils

Pot Life, hours

Dry Time, to touch, hours

Dry Time, to handle, hours

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