PHX Intercoat Bond™

Specially formulated bonding agent

PHX Intercoat Bond Primer

PHX Intercoat Bond™ is a specially formulated bonding agent used to reactivate existing coatings and ensure adhesion after the normal recoat window has been exceeded. This works with existing polyurea, polyurea/polyurethane hybrids, polyurethanes, epoxies, and some plastics. The PHX Intercoat Bond material is applied to existing coatings by wiping down the surface prior to recoating with additional top coats or when overlapping the next day. This product acts as a bonding agent, and is more effective and much safer than conventional solvent washes.

Please note: PHX Intercoat Bond is specifically formulated to work with Phoenix Protective Coatings overcoats & top coats exclusively. Use of other non-Phoenix products as a top coat is not advised, and may cause inferior products to blister and/or delaminate.

PHX Intercoat Bond

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