Ultra-versatile 2K urethane primer


PrimeCrete™ is an ultra-versatile, two-component urethane-based primer designed for a variety of substrates, both interior and exterior.

It has excellent adhesion to concrete (>200 psi) and metal (>500 psi), and it reduces pinholes while improving the adhesion of any top coat applied within the re-coat window.  It helps to reduce Moisture Vapor Emissions (MVE) in concrete, making it suitable for sealing surfaces and reducing outgassing. The coverage of PrimeCrete varies depending on the substrate, ranging from around 100-200 sq ft/gal for concrete or masonry, to 400-600 sq ft/gal for plastics and metal.

PrimeCrete’s unique formula allows for dilution with acetone by 33-50% for improved penetration, coverage, and adhesion. Although ideally applied at 75° F and above, it may be applied at any temp greater than 0° F by airless sprayer, roller, squeegee, or broom.


Mix Ratio

Adhesion to Concrete, psi

Adhesion to Metal, psi

Working Time, minutes

Recoat window, hours

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