SL/75™ Joint Fill System

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We offer some products that are not used in the truck bed liner industry, but which we know to be the best-in-class options for common industrial applications. One of these is VersaFlex’s SL/75™, which is a joint fill system designed for concrete protection and repair. 

SL/75 is used in construction and control joints for any concrete substrates. SL/75 has unmatched return-to-service times, helping to minimize downtime as the product cures completely. Often a crew can come in during lunchtime, fill joints with SL/75, and work traffic can resume that afternoon! 

Repairing damaged cracks and spalls is also a great use for SL/75, and can help to extend the life of your building’s infrastructure. Talk with us about other applications — there are way too many to list here.

Warehouse Joint Fill

Tensile Strength, psi (avg)


Tensile Elongation % (avg)

Tear Strength, lb/in (avg)

Shore A Hardness

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