Fast Set Spray Polyurea

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Stealth™ is designed for use in various applications, such as geotextile fabrics, water reservoirs, industrial pond liners, site containment, and more. It is a two-component, polyurea elastomeric spray system that has a 1:1 mix ratio, and is a VOC-free solution for environmentally sensitive installations. Stealth has less shrinkage and improved elongation characteristics. Stealth is an excellent polyurea for applications where resilience and durability are required, and it can be applied 10-200 mils in a single application.

Typical Stealth applications include but are not limited to: waterproofing membranes. koi ponds. water features, geotextile coatings, foam coatings, flexible membranes, roofs, and many more.

Working and installation temperatures can range from -20 °F – 250°F. Stealth™ Fast Set Spray Polyurea provides many advantages – rapid cure, broadcast-able, odorless, and minimal downtime.

Stealth - Fast Set Spray Polyurea

Tensile Strength, psi


Tensile Elongation

Tear Strength, lb/in

Shore D Hardness

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