Talon SS

High Pressure Slow Set Coating

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Talon SS™ is designed for use in various applications, such as koi pond liners, water features, geotextile coatings, metal surfaces, foam overcoating, and more. Talon SS is a VOC-free, odorless, 1:1 ratio spray-applied two-part system. It can be applied at a thickness of 10 to 200 mils in a single application, and the slightly slower set time ensures a smoother finish if desired.

Talon SS provides many advantages — outstanding protection, smooth-finish-capable, and easy application. Working/installation temperatures range from as low as -20°F, all the way up to 300°F.

Talon SS - High Pressure Slow Set Protection

Tensile Strength, psi


Tensile Elongation

Tear Strength, lb/in

Shore A Hardness

Gel Time seconds

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