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Vulcan 42™ is a fast setting, rapid curing, 100% solids, flexible, aliphatic, two component spray polyurea with excellent color retention, that can be applied to suitably prepared interior concrete and metal surfaces.

Its extremely fast gel time makes it suitable for application down to -20° F. It may be applied in single or multiple applications without appreciable sagging and is relatively insensitive to moisture and temperature allowing application in most temperatures.

It has a tack free time of less than two minutes and 220% elongation upon curing with 50 Shore D hardness.


* Excellent Color Retention
* Odorless
* Excellent Thermal Stability
* Seamless & Elastomeric
* Low Temperature Flexibility
* Meets USDA Criteria
* Zero VOC (100% Solids)
* Interior or Exterior Applications
* Good Chemical Resistance           
* Coats Carbon or Mild Steel Metals without Primer
* Installed with or without Reinforcement in Transitional Areas

Tensile Strength, psi


Tensile Elongation

Tear Strength, lb/in

Shore D Hardness

Gel Time seconds

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