X-treme Bond™

Specially formulated bonding agent

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Phoenix X-Treme Bond™ is a specially formulated bonding agent designed to be used on plastics (Polypropylene, Polyvinyl Chloride [PVC], Polycarbonate, and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). X-treme Bond™ can also be used as a bonding agent which reactivates existing coatings to ensure adhesion after the recoat window has been exceeded. X-treme Bond is applied to existing coatings by wiping down or spraying with an HVLP gun on the surface. You can apply X-treme Bond to the surface prior to coating without additional surface preparation. Once the product is applied, you will need to wait until it is tack-free – approximately 15-30 minutes, based on temperature and humidity. If you accidentally spill the bonding agent, simply wipe up pooling material with a cloth rag.

This product acts as a bonding agent and is more effective and much safer than conventional solvent products. However, it SHOULD NOT be used on DIY bedliners or other bedliners that are solvent based. 95% of the time it will conflict with their chemistry. 

note: X-Treme Bond is specifically formulated to work with Phoenix Protective Coatings overcoats & top coats exclusively. Use of other non-Phoenix products as a top coat is not recommended, and may cause inferior products to blister and/or delaminate.

X-treme Bond

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