Color Chart


Colors are subjective, meaning everyone sees them a little bit differently from each other. To make matters trickier, the way a color looks is also dependent upon how any available light hits the surface, AND what the substance of that surface is.

For example, if you and Ed are checking out his new paint job at lunchtime, it might be easy to see the dark blue iridescence he’s super excited about, although he might call it Cobalt and you might call it Indigo. However, looking at the same car near sunset, you might be hard pressed to see any blue in it at all, and you’d just think Ed’s new car was black.

Same goes for colors when you’re thinking about protective coatings, too. What you see here on the screen of your phone or laptop is going to vary slightly from what the same thing will look like when it’s printed out on your laser or inkjet printer. And both of those will vary slightly from what the true, finished product looks like when it’s sprayed on your vehicle. We’ve gotten these colors as close as possible to the real deal, but if you need exact color matching, please contact us for a physical sample. 


Custom colors are available upon request. Also, if you’re trying to match a color exactly, or you need to be precise with your color selection, please contact us and request a physical color sample.

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