FAQ: Cartridges & Frames 

This is a visual explanation of each cartridge type, as well as a discussion of the differences between the two cartridges and frames. 



Time to Complete

1-2 minutes 

Tools Required

  • Cartridge A or B
  • Correct frame for either A or B

Cartridge Types

We offer two different types of cartridges, “A” and “B”.

Type A cartridges are commonly used throughout the bed liner industry. For those of you who have been spraying a while, you’ll recognize their distinctive neck configuration. Type A cartridges are cheaper (pretty much in every sense of the word). While they’re less expensive, they are more prone to issues.

Type B cartridges are much higher quality, although they are not widely used yet. We typically use type B cartridges exclusively, as they provide a much more consistent finished product. These are the cartridges we recommend to anyone who wants less hassle. Yes, they cost a little more up front, but the reduction in issues makes up for it in the long run.

What are the differences between the two cartridge types?

  1. Type A cartridges have a neck that is perpendicular to the orientation of the cartridges.
  2. Type B cartridges have a neck that is parallel with the orientation of the cartridges.
    • The neck and mix tip are different from type A cartridges. This allows a better flow, and a more consistent mix.
    • Type B cartridges should only be used with Frame B. Otherwise, you are likely to experience pressure build up, and possibly end up with a huge mess on your hands, because the cartridges may blow out the back end.

What are the differences between the two frame types?

  1. Frame A has a simple, vertical notch for the neck of Cartridge A.
  2. Frame B has an extra notch out to allow the wider neck configuration of Cartridge B.
      • Do NOT use B type cartridges in frame A.
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